Went to trial in Fairfax yesterday for assault and battery where my accuser and a police officer testified falsely. She got me a not guilty verdict.
— D.P. in Fairfax
I hired Ms. VanLowe to represent me for a reckless driving charge and it was the best decision I could have made. She’s very professional and exudes a calm and confidence that immediately put me ease. I highly recommend her.
— S.B. in Arlington
Ms. VanLowe is intelligent, professional, responsive and has consistently gone “above and beyond” to meet my requirements, as I’m sure she does for all of her clients. We don’t always agree, but, when push comes to shove, I generally opt to do things her way. I can’t think of anyone else in my professional life about whom I can say the same.
— J.G. in Great Falls
I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Melinda VanLowe on several occasions in connection with her representation of clients facing criminal prosecution. In each of those matters, she impressed me with her professionalism and her significant attention to detail. As a business owner providing private investigative services, I appreciated Ms. VanLowe’s recognition and understanding of the contribution that investigative assistance can provide towards effective legal representation; and her ability to balance the cost of such litigation support while working to address the respective needs of her clients. In each case in which I assisted Ms. VanLowe, I believe her work ethic and her personal interest in helping her clients played a large part in yielding each client a thorough, effective and much needed resolution to their legal difficulties.
— Edward R. Leary of E.R. Leary & Associates LLC in Virginia
Melinda has been working on a child support and divorce case for me for over a year. I know that Melinda checks and double checks all of the paperwork from myself and the courts for accuracy. On several occasions Melinda has caught mistakes that the judges have missed.
Melinda will wait until she has the answers to my questions before she returns my calls. I appreciate the fact that I have NEVER heard, “Let me find out”, or “I don’t know”.
Melinda’s honesty and professionalism are refreshing
— H.T. in Fairfax
I interviewed Melinda over the phone while cleaning up after a Swat Team came to arrest my son. I interviewed several lawyers before hiring Melinda. Thank God I did. She navigated us through the very intimidating legal system for a year until sentencing. My son received only a small amount of jail time due to her representation. She kept us well informed throughout the process. Even the Judge who sentenced my son said she has a good reputation. You need her.
— M.H. in Montclair
In the summer of 2010, I was facing a personal situation where I was left with no choice other than to retain legal counsel. I was facing a criminal charge, a protective order on myself in respect to my one-year-old daughter and wife at the time. To add insult to injury I hadn’t seen my baby daughter in one month, and was facing a possible extended period of uncertainty in regard to this matter.

The charges brought against me from my wife at the time were completely false. Although this being true, I had to go through the painful process of the legal system, while being uncertain of the ultimate outcome.

Myself and my family were seeking legal counsel from many sources without understanding the local County Court system in which I resided, along with not knowing much about the various attorneys.

My mother had a telephone conversation with Melinda, and had an excellent first impression. As a parent, she would have wanted the perfect outcome for her child, particularly in the case where there was innocence involved.

Melinda exuded honesty, ethics and confidence.

I had never imagined in my life, that I would ever participate in a criminal court trial, particularly as the defendant. Although halfway through the case I was completely calm, and her preparation of me began to show. Her confidence also rubbed off on me, and after not too long, the judge rendered a verdict of not guilty.

I have happily had joint legal custody of my daughter for the past year and a half, and will until she’s an adult. More importantly, I have been able to spend lots of time with her, and have equal decision making as her father and parent.

My family has been happy to tell their personal and professional acquaintances, that retaining the legal services of Melinda VanLowe is the most important financial and ethical investment they have ever made.
— M.G. in Washington, DC

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