Crimes committed by students on or off school grounds, can have lasting, negative consequences, including suspension, expulsion and criminal charges.

Students have rights.  Make sure that you and your child are familiar with the school's student rights and responsibilities guide.  If your child is being investigated for or accused of any type of offense, it is important that you first speak to an experienced Fairfax attorney that represents students in school disciplinary matters.

Defense lawyer Melinda VanLowe has represented countless Virginia students who face disciplinary action for violations of school polices.  She has experience with the disciplinary process from the school imposed sanction and recommendation for expulsion to the appeals process through the office of the superintendent and, eventually, the school board.

Helping You Through A Complex Process

The process involved with addressing accusations and resolving disciplinary actions within the school system can be quite complex.  Ms. VanLowe's experience with these matters allows her to develop an effective strategy designed to secure a positive outcome and prepare your child for what's to come.

The firm represents students in a variety of school violations, including:

  • Possession of firearms, explosives and other dangerous objects
  • Bullying, fighting and other forms of violence
  • Making threats verbally, via social media or in writing
  • Possession of drugs, synthetic drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Drug or synthetic drug sales
  • Sex crimes, including rape, sexual assault and sexting
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Possession and use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes

Speak To A Qualified Fairfax County Juvenile Defense Attorney

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