2018 Virginia Law Changes

The following laws took effect in Virginia on July 1, 2018:

18.2-95/18.2-96 - Larceny:  the threshold dollar amount used to determine whether a larceny offense like shoplifting is a misdemeanor/petty offense or a serious felony, is now $500 instead of $200. 

8.01-341.2 - Juries:  a full-time student at an accredited public or private institution of higher education may be allowed to defer their jury service to another term, if attending classes at such institution when called for service.  

22.1-277.05 - Long-Term Suspension:  students may not be suspended from school for longer than 45 days unless (i) the offense [involves a weapon, drugs or serious bodily injury] or (ii) the school board or division superintendent or his designee finds that aggravating circumstances exist.  A student's disciplinary history shall be taken into consideration.  If subsections (i) or (ii) apply, a student's suspension may not be extended longer than 364 days.