Alert! New Red Light Camera Active in Fairfax City.

Cameras are poised to document drivers running red lights at four locations in Fairfax City.  Fairfax  Boulevard (Route 29) and Plantation Parkway is the latest intersection to add a photo red light enforcement camera.  Other intersections are:

  • University Drive and North Street
  • Main Street (Route 236) and Pickett Road, and
  • Fairfax Circle.  

Tickets for alleged red light violations are mailed and drivers are able to pay tickets online.  Alternatively, tickets may be challenged in the Fairfax City General District Court.  Pursuant to section 15.2-968.1 of the Code of Virginia, defenses to challenge a red light violation are asserted by (i) filing an affidavit by regular mail with the clerk of the General District Court if you were not the operator of the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation, (ii) testifying in open court under oath if you were not the operator of the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation, or (iii) filing a certified copy of a police report with the Fairfax City General District Court before the hearing date, showing that the vehicle had been reported to the police as stolen prior to the time of the alleged violation.  In addition to these defenses, there are potential evidentiary challenges to red light citations if the evidence used to support a citation is not gathered pursuant to the statute.